we are proud to be your customers.

"Provincetown is like a never-ending gay pride parade, and you made us feel like the grand marshals. Thank you so much for the reliable, gay-friendly, queertastic service. You obviously take pride in your town, and we're proud to be your customers. Wave your rainbow flag proudly! Mary and Ana"

Mary L., Ackworth, IA


you guys are all just awesome!

"Gay, straight, or somewhere in the middle, you guys are all just awesome! You were friendly, absurdly prompt, fun, & had a wicked music selection. It's good to know that there's a queer-friendly taxi service that will let me get to my destination on time & back home in one piece regardless of whether I'm wearing a t-shirt & jeans or a miniskirt & wig. I really like that my nice driver didn't wrongly assume that I'm attracted to men & offer to let me pay in "trade", & then drive like a whacko & just about run over living creature in our path (yes, I'm talking about you, *company name removed*)."

Jaime P., Wrentham, MA

Atlantic Rides is gay owned and diversely operated, and proudly serves the Provincetown lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex community, and all allies. Our LGBTQIA+ pride taxi service is safe for all humans.